Liberty Interview Recorder

The Liberty Interview Recorder is a simple and easy to use video recording system that digitally captures audio / video, and notes. The system is ideal for use in children’s advocacy centers, family crisis centers, medical evaluation facilities, and other various social services.

The Liberty system uses one-touch Start, Stop and Record buttons. The system supports video recording on up to four independent video channels and the ability to stream the proceedings in real-time to an internal network. Industry standard Point-Zoom-Tilt cameras, dome cameras and an assortment of miniature cameras are all supported. The system includes advanced features such as Noise Reduction filters and Automatic Gain Control for the clearest possible audio play-back.

Recordings made with the Liberty Recorder can be played-back with both the audio and optional video, on Windows PCs, Mac computers and on newer platforms such as iPads,
iPhones and Android devices.

The recorded material is saved into a single file on the recording system hard-drive. The file may be automatically and simultaneously recorded to a secure file server and saved onto a CD/DVD. The recordings can later be transcribed or provided to other agencies in a universal playback format.

Advanced Features Include

  • Support for recording multiple independent camera feeds (not Picture-in-a-Picture)
  • Automatic Gain Control and Noise Reduction for clear audio playback
  • IP Camera support for cameras from Axis* and Sony
  • Mac Playback program
  • iPad and Android playback programs
  • Custom Audit reporting program
  • Non-proprietary hardware, can be serviced by regular IT support staff
  • May optionally record multiple interview rooms onto a single computer
  • May be configured to stream recordings in real-time to a secure monitoring station(s)
  • Digital Signatures may be used to authenticate the recording time, date and user
  • Certified by Microsoft for W8, W7 and XP

Video Distortion for Subject Privacy

The Liberty system supports the potential to distort the video playback and hide the identity of the interview subject during video playback. The distortion feature allows users to define an area of the recording where the playback will be distorted. Distorting the video playback can be important when the privacy of the interview subject is important. This feature does not erase or otherwise alter the original video recording in any way.

The two video clips above illustrate the video before and after the distortion effect has been applied to hide the identity of the interview subject

Save Audio / Video Recordings into standard PDF Files with Cue Points and Annotations

Bookmarks provide multiple cue points to where the operator may instantaneously jump the audio / video playback.

Audio / Video recordings may be saved into standard .pdf documents. Annotations can provide cue points into the recordings and playback is facilitated through Windows Media Player. A proprietary playback program is not required.

The Liberty Interview Recorder integrates with the Liberty Evidence Management System and the Post Recording Manager for a complete and secure file management system.