Liberty Meeting Recorder

Go Digital, Free Yourself from Tapes!

The Liberty Meeting Recorder is a PC based digital recording system that allows city councils, committees, tribunals and commissions of any type to capture the audio and optionally the video of their meetings into a digital PC based format. The Liberty Meeting Recorder is fully integrated with Microsoft WordTM and allows the operator to insert playback cue points directly into Word documents.

The audio may then be played-back from any specified point in the recording. Reviewing the audio and optionally the video becomes as easy as clicking on an agenda item in the Word document. The Liberty Meeting Recorder eliminates the need to FF and REW tapes as minutes are written and


  • Record the audio and optionally the video of your meeting to the hard-drive of your PC
  • Recordings may be posted to your web site as either PDF files or HTML, including the minutes with cue points, and both the audio and video
  • Web users may playback the recordings using the standard Windows Media PlayerTM
  • Supports real-time streaming to MS Media Server for Internet or internal network availability
  • Word Toolbar Icons allow you to control recording and playback and establish cue points directly from Word
  • Audio / video may be taken directly from feeds going to a cable TV broadcast
  • Playback supports optional foot-pedal for Transcription

Get a Clear and Concise Digital Record of the Proceedings

The Liberty Meeting Recorder provides a clear and concise digital recording of your meeting. Saving the audio as a digital file means there is no more time wasted fast-forwarding and rewinding
through tapes. Instead, you can instantaneously jump to any point in the recording, just by clicking a button. Your notes are already synchronized with the audio playback and creating complete and accurate minutes becomes a quicker, easier job to complete.

Insert Standard Text for Roll Call, Motions, and Votes

The Liberty Meeting Recorder includes the ability to save the names of meeting participants and to insert the appropriate text into a Word document for Roll Calls, Motions and Votes.

Operators access these features through dialog boxes that insert the appropriate information directly into a Word document.

 The Meeting Recorder Word Add-on inserts a number of new icons into the Word Toolbar. These icons allow the operator to control the recording application and insert text for Roll Calls, Motions and Votes, directly in Word.